The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! A hopeless liable burden at the wayside of rock bottom in a downward spiral of deteriorating mental and physical health. Somewhere between failing to succeed and failing to quit; and trapped as a parent that can not parent who is citizen that cannot produce. Defeated. Out of time. Battling the Fear […]

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How many nice people are on the planet. Lets take a census and see. This is a fundraiser for my health, autism, living conditions. I am asking for: donate 1 unit of your currency make 1 wish 1 moment of your time to SHARE, SHARE< please Share


The Moment

As a man of constant sorrow and despair, “feelgood” moments are rare and when they occur I am very mindful and enjoy the moment. The “MOMENT” Saturday I went to friends house to help him even though I really didn’t feel like it, but since I had blown him off due to mood and social […]

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The chosen One

I wish to be the overseer of the Planet Earth’s homeless humans. Please choose me to be the chosen one. I just need 1 unit of currency from every person on the planet. Then there would be less misery. super easy yet …

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